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"Pamper Yourself During This Pandemic....or Just Anytime!"

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

That’s right, I am giving you permission to pamper yourself! Why? The real question is, why not? Everyone needs a little "me" time. It’s not just for women, because we all deserve it and there’s nothing better than pampering yourself after a stressful day. Honestly, pampering yourself any day is perfectly okay and that’s not up for debate.

Trust me on this…. little time set aside for yourself isn't too much to ask. It doesn't matter if it is late evening, nighttime, or early morning. Take the time and the steps to pamper yourself. Remember that you as a whole are what you are stuck with for life. So treat yourself well and like yourself. Here are some things that can make you feel pampered.

Although many of us have made adjustments lately, due to COVID-19, being mindful of how well you are caring for yourself should be a top priority. Essential and non-essential workers are experiencing increased levels of stress. Some of us are spending our days working in the healthcare field, working from home, while continuing to educate children because schools are closed, stressing over making ends meet because you are unable to work during this time, or just worrying about our love ones being safe from COVID-19. Regardless of where you may fit in this group, self care is needed more than ever. Below are a few of my favorite things I do to help with self care:

· Reading

· Taking a relaxing bubble bath

· Watching my favorite movies with my favorite girl (my daughter)

· Trying a new recipe

· Calling an old friend

· Lighting a candle (a pleasant scent always lifts my mood)

· Zoom calling family/friends (although we are physically apart, I need social contact)

· Listening to my favorite music

· Going to bed early

Living healthy and avoiding feelings of depression are important to remember while continuing to social distance. According to Patel (2017) individuals living with depression are less likely to get needed self care or therapeutic interventions. Renewed Mental Health is here if you need help with depression or any other mental health illness. Please reach out to us at 678-582-8947, in order to schedule a consultation. FYI, being that we are practicing social distancing, due to COVID-19, telehealth services is available.

Until next time, live on purpose.


Patel V. (2017). Talking sensibly about depression. PLoS medicine, 14(4), e1002257.

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