Sherian Waite

Founder/CEO/Clinical Director

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Sherian Waite is passionate about the care needed and given to our elderly population.  Sherian Waite embodies excellence in senior mental health and education.  She currently holds a master's degree in social work and a master's degree in Gerontology from Loma Linda University.  Sherian has been a fully licensed clinician for almost 5 years. 

Sherian Waite serves as a leader in the field of Successful Aging and Geriatric Mental Health.  She states, "The most effective way to replicate my passion is to teach!"  Sherian routinely hosts a large group of Social Work Interns with the goal of each year being "finding even one who will decide at the end, that this is the population they want to serve.  There is a great need in this population and not enough of us to meet those needs."  Sherian is affectionately called "The Narrative Therapist", as she has made her own the model of 'being intentional about writing the story of your life.'

Jasmin Booker

Director Of Operations


Jasmin grew up in Philadelphia with 2 younger sisters and 1 older brother. She possesses diverse experience in management, marketing, and operations management. 

She has always had a heart for helping others. She feels it is her mission in life to help improve the lives of others. With Renewed Jasmin is able to increase awareness regarding the need for emotional support, and break stigma's related to mental health. Together as a community we can be the change needed to make the world a better place.

In her free time Jasmin loves to explore her creative side with arts & crafts, spending time with her family and listening to music. 

Laurie Robison

Clinical Therapist

Laurie Robison is from Hartford, Connecticut she has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Social Work from University of Connecticut. She has a wealth of expertise as she has been an LCSW for over 20 years and has successfully provided therapy sessions to diverse client populations.

There is not a population that she is unwilling or ill equipped to serve.  Laurie believes people have the ability to change and deserve to achieve greater self-awareness, emotional healing  success and happiness in their lives. She is very passionate about creating an atmosphere of safe, nurturing, healing space.

She feels happiest  making a positive difference in the lives of others.  She loves spending time in church, at Bible studies, enjoying her family, working out, roller blading, hiking in nature and relaxing at the beach. She also enjoys doing therapeutic group sessions, volunteering working with the homeless  population and continuing her education. She is open minded and non-judgmental.


“It would be a great honor to work with you as I genuinely care about all of the clients that I work with. It is never too late to write your life  story and fill it with tales of you achieving your dreams and goals and living your best life.  Your future is up to you and I would love to help!”

Heather Forward

Clinical Therapist

Heather is a big proponent of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and completed the only CBT specific practicum available in the state of Georgia. While a lover of CBT she also utilizes other modalities to tailor therapy to the needs of her individual patients, ensuring everyone receives the best care possible. Heather holds a master’s degree in social work from the University of Georgia and is a Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW). In her free time she enjoys spending time with her dog and drinking the occasional bubble tea.

Dammeon Marshall

Clinical Therapist

Dammeon Marshall is a compassionate social worker with over ten years of experience in a variety of settings and with diverse clients, including both long-term and brief interventions.  He has always expressed a genuine interest in helping people.  Dammeon graduated from Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA, in 2009, earning a bachelor’s degree in Social Work with a concentration in Community Partnerships. Upon graduation, he was admitted into Western Kentucky University’s accelerated Master of Social Work program, awarded a full scholarship as a graduate research assistant, and graduated in 2010.  In October 2016, he made a conscious decision to re-enroll in school to complete his Doctor of Social Work at Capella University.  In addition, Dammeon has volunteered with four Big Brothers Big Sisters programs, helped raise his brother and sisters, and developed community resources for several public agencies.  In these programs, he has assisted students with improving their behaviors, grades, and attitudes through positive dialogue that resulted in a greater understanding of their power and self-worth.

In a robust effort to impact lives across the world, he has dedicated his experiences, time, gifts, talents, and, more importantly, his skills to empower others through advocacy and support of health and wellness.  Dammeon provides a conducive setting to invigorate and support individuals and families to overcome life obstacles. 

Valarie McDowell-Gunn

Clinical Therapist

Valarie's education and travels have allowed her to see so many places, she is a hometown girl born and raised in Georgia. She received a Bachelors of Social Work from Jacksonville State University in Alabama. She decided to further her education and obtained a Masters of Social Work from Florida State University in Tallahassee,  Florida.  After several years of working in the field as a Social Worker, she challenged herself by enrolling in Argosy University and in 2014, I earned a Doctorate Degree in Counseling Psychology.  Her career has been focused on working with the geriatric population, mental health and issues surrounding healthcare disparities. Valarie loves traveling, volunteering through her sorority and storytelling. She is grounded in her faith,  family and her role as a helper. The motto she lives by is....This is your one life and it's not a rehearsal.

Hailee Dear

Clinical Therapist

Hailee Dear is a recent Master of Social Work (MSW) graduate from the University of Denver. She loves helping others to reach their goals. Hailee is passionate about empowering others and helping her clients to lead the path of their choice. She has experience working with adult and older adult populations. Hailee uses many different modalities through her work, including Motivational Interviewing, Narrative Theory, and Cognitive Behavioral Theory. In her free time, Hailee likes to bake and spend time with her family.

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