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Broken Things

There are many kinds of broken things,

Some outside and some unseen.

Some may hide their faces away...being a person, feeling or situation.

And some hiding out front for the world to see. Shining bright, so polite, wearing a flashy smile as they greet.

Mystery in the stories they bury so deep,

carrying them so long under lock and key.

Some stripped of everything they once held dear....

Some bruised so bad and roaming in fear...

Some clueless to what moves to make...

And some not open to trust to avoid further heartbreak.

In the tunnel of what seems like endless unrest, knowing you are broken and far from your best.....

Continue to collect all your pieces that have fallen away, those pieces will shape you into your best new self.

This time you will be even better and stronger than most because those pieces will be mended back in gold.

Now look at you with your beautiful self...

all that brokenness once suffered is old....

How are you feeling now that you are whole?

If you are living with depression or any other mental health illness and feel that you need help, we are here for you. Renewed Mental Health wants you to feel free to reach out to us at 678-582-8947, to schedule a consultation. FYI, being that we are practicing social distancing, due to COVID-19, telehealth services are available.

With hands that serve,


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