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Mother's Day 2020

Renewed Mental Health Services wishes all mothers a Happy Mother’s Day. Thank you to all the mother’s who are working selflessly to keep us all safe during these unprecedented times.

Only 2 months ago all our lives were turned upside down by the corona virus pandemic. Everyone is experiencing some form of associated worry, isolation, loneliness, and anxiety.

As mother’s during this time we are truly doing it all, teaching, cooking, cleaning, working among so many other things. As a mother myself I am thankful to be able to do these things for my family. As a mental health clinician, I know that we must be aware of how this is impacting our mental health. It is important that we remain healthy to continue to love, and care for our families. How can we stay healthy if we are not taking care of our mental health?

Self-Care is extremely vital in the health of our mental , if we are spending all this time taking care of our families and our careers, we must be consistent on taking the time we need for “ME” who is me? Me is “YOU” yes you mom! Take time each day to care for you, today is a great day to start! Self-Care is any activity that we do intentionally in order to take care of our mental, emotional and physical health.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, this year mental health is more important than ever. Being a mother takes strength, so we know you are strong. Often as mother’s we hide our struggles, pain, stress and anxiety. With Renewed you do not have to hide those feelings, let us stand strong with you to help care for your mental health. Give us a call 678-582-8947, all calls are 100% confidential.

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