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Memorial Day - Honoring Those Who Gave Their Lives For Others

Memorial Day for many tends to stand out as an indicator that the summer season has begun. Celebrations such as parades, cookout's beach vacations don't always showcase what Memorial Day truly represents. Memorial Day is meant for us to take a step back and commemorate those who have died in military service. This observance can be a trigger for painful memories for veterans with post-traumatic stress. Veterans returning home and re-integrating into civilian life face a significant distortion of the realities of war. These distortions dramatically affect their view of themselves and others as they continue to fight a war inside of their mind. As they re-experience trauma either in nightmares or flashbacks, they might be anxious, agitated or have problems with rage. Often the returning solider thinks of themselves as monsters or murderers. All throughout the United States Veterans are committing suicide  An alarming number of veterans suffer with, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). PTSD is a debilitating disease that impacts all areas of life. Individuals suffering with PTSD often struggle with daily activities that are critical to maintaining their life. Below are signs of an individual suffering with PTSD: ▪ Significant emotional distress ▪ Negative beliefs about oneself and the world, leading to mistrust of others ▪ Persistent feelings of guilt, shame, self-blame and anger ▪ Isolation from friends, family and social activities ▪ Employing unhealthy coping mechanisms such as using alcohol and illegal drugs ▪ Symptoms of increased arousal, including irritability and anger management problems ▪ Sleep issues ▪ Engaging in high-risk behaviors

What can we do to honor those who gave their lives? I would say that the best way to honor the fallen is to help the ones who have made it back home. We all can do more, our returning vets deserve the best possible care, compassion and support. If your friend, family member or neighbor is a veteran who might be triggered by today please check in on them. We are a great resource for support. Give us a call 678-582-8947

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