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This is Dementia' Documentary Premieres May 1 On Netflix

It's being billed as a sensitive look at the causes of dementia, misinformation surrounding the disease, and the individual and personal experiences of people touched by it. "This is Dementia” will premiere at FilmBar in Phoenix, Arizona Thursday and on Netflix and other media platforms May 1. The new documentary will examine the experiences of one man as a dementia educator, academic researcher and grandson of a dementia sufferer.

Audiences will be able to hear from someone who has both witnessed dementia in his family and has the medical expertise to offer straight facts on the disease. That man is Neuropsychologist Dr. John DenBoer—a U.S.-based dementia researcher and the creator of Smart Brain Aging—a company that helps delay the onset of dementia and reduce its severity through a science-backed brain-training program. DenBoer works in the area of early-stage dementia detection, specializing in developing intervention mechanisms to help prevent the further development of the dementia process.

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